Trauma To Play Blackthorn SCREAMFEST Along With Roster Mates Taipan, At Pico Rivera Sports Arena In Whittier CA This October

Our Brothers at Dead Sea Records are now working with Blackthorne Screamfest to bring the first annual festival with music mazes and monsters to Southern California: October 28 & 29 a two-day spectacular even with major headliners both days and over 150+ bands over the 2-day Halloween-themed concert

TRAUMA is among the headliners for Friday October 28 along with Alpha Omega brothers TAIPAN. the festival is complete with zombies and Halloween-themed mazes to entertain fans while they check out their favorite bands – Blackthorne’s bands include SKINLAB’s return to the stage after a four-year hiatus with all original members playing together in the US for the first time! Legends of rap metal CRAZYTOWN will be headlining the rock stage at Blackthorne and Trauma/Taipan will headline the thrash stage: SKINLAB will be on main stage along with some amazing local support bands – Saturday is Screamfest Screamo Day with top level bands like THE WORD ALIVE; SLAVES and DAYSEEKER – local support bands will be announced at the beginning of October: more information including times and ticket prices can be found at:

More information at:

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